product-category-content">There are two basic methods of making molded flexible foams, the Hot Cure (HC) and Cold Cure/High Resilience (HR) processes. Thirty years ago, HC was the predominate method of manufacturing molded flexible foam seating, but the HC market has significantly decreased over the years. The Asia Pacific region still uses some HC, as does South America, but the High Resiliency Cold Foaming process is the most widely used today in the manufacture of molded flexible foams. The HC process is characterized by using longer cycle times (10 - 20 minutes) and higher molding temperatures (~100– 125 °C) in order to properly cure the polyurethane foam. Cold cure processes use mostly faster reactivity polyols, lower molding temperatures (~30 – 75 °C), and faster cycle times (in the 3 - 5 minutes cure time range).


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