Polyurethane one component foams (OCF) are self-adhesive, self-hardening foam filler materials which are both cost-effective and simple to use. These foams are sold in pressurized containers fitted with a dispensing device. When the device is operated, a foam is discharged which has an initial consistency similar to shaving foam. This foam hardens on contact with the air and expands to fill all hollow spaces. The expansion capacity of foam makes it ideal for use as a sealant and cavity filler. One component foams are the preferred material for installing door and window frames. These foams are also used in a number of other applications, for example to seal gaps in roof constructions. Due to its excellent adhesion, OCF can act as a foamable adhesive to replace nails and screws, for example, to bond insulation boards, wall panels and roof tiles, therefore preventing thermal bridges


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