Introducing and selling Habtoor company’s various products more efficiently in the field of cafe and restaurant equipment, in addition to increasing sales, to avoid wasting time and excessive energy of the forces by constantly responding to customers.


Applying the 360 solution and the Hinza e-commerce platform and personalizing it for online sales of specialized products, along with the design and development of a new brand under Habtoor International, which serves customers as an independent SBU.


The creation of the Kitline brand in the field of online sales of cafe and restaurant equipment, which, in addition to increasing the sales figure and facilitating the previous traditional processes, increased customer satisfaction and awareness of the company’s products and significantly attracted new customers.

Kitline is a specialized online store in Iran’s restaurant and fast food industry, which provides its customers with a wide range of products related to this industry with the possibility of online shopping.

Kitline is a specialized online store in Iran’s restaurant and fast food industry, which provides its customers with a wide range of products related to this industry with the possibility of online shopping.

Brand name
Visual identity design

How the name Kitline was chosen, what it means and what are its hidden meanings is a long story and beyond the scope of this text. When choosing a name is related to an online business, the situation will be somewhat different, more limited and more challenging, especially considering that an Internet domain name must be available.

After holding various meetings in Hinza’s specialized teams and the final meeting with Habtoor Company, the proposed name of Kitline was finally approved, and it was the turn of Hinza’s visual identity design team to implement the necessary process to create a coherent visual identity. The result of this effort was to compile the final brand book of Kitline, including various parts of designs and instructions for applying visual identity in different media.

Website design

The core of an online business is the use of powerful software that meets current needs and expands for future needs. By holding numerous expert consultation meetings, using the Hinza e-commerce platform and personalizing parts of this project according to the needs and products of the kit line were put on the agenda of the Hinza software team. Communication with warehouse software, accounting, etc. to integrate the online platform was one of the challenges of doing this project, which brought favorable results at the end.

Content Production

With the preparation of the graphic and software infrastructure of the project and the operation of the Kitline online store, the Hinza content production team started uploading the information, images and videos that had been prepared earlier and in parallel with the operations of other parts of the project. .

Industrial and advertising photography was done according to the guidelines previously prepared by our design and advertising team as part of the visual content production operation, and gradually and with increasing workload, it was assigned to the team based in the Kit Line project.

Teasers and advertising clips were prepared by Hinza’s design and advertising department with purposes such as product display, service delivery and product sales routines in the kit line, etc. These teasers have been used many times on the website, social networks and online advertising campaigns, and the latest and most suitable filming equipment has been used in their production.


Considering the nature of Kitline’s business on the Internet and the importance of website access and maintaining information security, all the necessary IT infrastructures including setting up and configuring the main servers of the project, the communication structure between offices and warehouses, setting up VIP phone system, load balancing systems, backup systems, etc. were all prepared and launched.

Hinza’s network and infrastructure experts have had a colorful presence with the Kitline team since the beginning of the project and are still working in the network support and infrastructure development stages for the next phases of the Kitline project.

Advertising campaign design

Due to the fact that the operating platform of Catline’s business was based on the online sales platform, the use of online advertising campaigns in the comprehensive digital branding program of the brand and in order to attract traffic for the website was of double importance.

The B2B nature of the project and the emphasis of Catline’s managers on not attracting home users were the challenges of designing advertising campaigns in this project. The advertising campaigns carried out were a combination of video marketing, Netto advertising and retargeting, which created a favorable effect in attracting new audiences and increasing brand awareness.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Attracting audiences who get to know a brand through search will definitely be of double importance when it comes to an online store platform.

Determining competitive keywords, optimizing project codes, preparing the required content and all the actions that are necessary to be implemented at a global standard level for an SEO project so that a website is recognized by search engines as a valid website by the SEO team. Hinza is done.
Project Kitline is currently ranking on the top positions on the first page of google for some keywords.

Social networks managment

Formulating a digital strategy for the use and management of social networks, especially Instagram, along with the application of the design guidelines that were previously prepared in the Brandbook, are among other actions taken in the Kit Line project. Considering that the platform of the project is based on an online sales platform, Instagram has played an important role as one of the input channels of the website.

Full Hinza support

Kit Line is one of the groups that use Hinza’s comprehensive support, which has used all the services provided by Hinza in an integrated way. Along with all the services provided, Hinza’s software team is developing the software infrastructure required by the kit line.


Kitline project has been transformed from a completely traditional platform to a modern platform in a two-year period by using various IT technologies and modern marketing solutions. This project is still developing and expanding, and the number of users and customers is increasing every day. Hinza’s cooperation with the main company of this project started in 1993 and continues until now.