Imen Polymer Chemical Co. was established in 2003 by a group of experienced managers to supply diverse and high quality products in various polyurethane fields in Tehran, Iran. We have gained the excellent market since the company’s establishment.

In order to boost the country's industries and developments, we have established our research and development laboratory since 2016. The organization of R&D activities has a large impact on a company's ability to execute its business and technology strategy. With our deep knowledge in polyurethane field we strive to develop innovative solutions in cooperation with our customers to meet their current and future demands.

Through our research and development (R&D) operations, we're establishing a portfolio of innovative products changing Standard of polyurethane in Iran.

Our factory was established in 2017 which is placed in Shokooyeh Industrial Estate in Tehran-Qom highway, Iran. We believe that we have a duty to make the environment a better place now and for the future by polyurethane technologies.

Nowadays our company is one of the major suppliers of PU raw materials which are known as IPC brand. Our products include:

  •  foam refrigerator
  •  panel industries
  •  spray foam for insulation
  •  wood imitation
  •  flexible slab stack foam
  •  flexible hot core, cold core and molding systems.

We also supply integral skin foam (flexible and rigid) in different densities. To keep our customers satisfied we started to supply all peripherals of PU material such as:

  •  blowing agents
  •  release agents
  •  solvents
  •  catalysts
  •  stabilizers

Due to long & deep experience of our specialists in technology & chemistry of PU machines and raw material we help our customers to increase their quality or reduce the finished cost price and this can be done only by modification on machine or formulation Finally, to improve the total PU industries we are studying on new plans, visibility studies for new investments to design a better future for pin the country.

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