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Our company always optimizes product’s formulations and even adapts the formulas base on the requirement of different customer which means we provide tailor-made products as customers are our first priority. We innovate to become more efficient and entrepreneurial to better serve our customers’ needs and achieve our goal of excellence. We always follow new technologies and we are concern about providing new technology for industries to make progress in production line of our customers .



our products which are known as IPC brand, are well-known to the polyurethane industries in Iran, and our specific feature is high and stable quality over the years, and these are some of distinguishing features of our products in comparison to other competitors. We are here to provide you the highest quality of products



Our management experience in the polyurethane field is more than 25 years old, which is back to 12 years before the company's establishment. The company’s sustainability gives our customers assurance that we have taken steady steps to support our goals. We will continue to develop and strive to continually improve our company, our cooperation with our customers.



Whether you have been our customer for years, are a new customer, or are just evaluating us, we assure you that our customers are our first priority. By relying on our professional experts in the polyurethane field, experience over the years, high quality product and advanced production technology, we will never leave our customers alone in the use of products. Knowledge of professional experts always support our customers by optimizing products usage, improving productions process and reducing prices of products.

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Introduction to Sprayed Polyurethane Foams :

SRAY-APPLIED POLYURETHANE foam is a unique roofing material. It is sprayed as a liquid directly onto the roofing substrate; within seconds it foams, expanding 20 to 30 times its original volume.

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polyurthanes features

Properties of PU foams  :

Their properties are categorized based on the foam structure. The foam has two types of structure:(1) Open-cell structure (2) Closed-cell structure.

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The basic chemistry of flexible polyurethane:

The basic chemistry of flexible polyurethane foams is not difficult to grasp. It is the reaction of an alcohol or OH group with an isocyanate or NCO group.

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History of polyurethane

History of Polyurethane :

The first urethane was synthesized, as early as 1849 by Wurtz. The work of Wurtz demonstrated....

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