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Polyurethane industry plays a crucial role in the country; it can be said that....

polyurethanes bring greater levels of comfort and ease to everyday life. Consequently, Iranian polyurethane manufacturers association was officially constituted in May 2021 with the aim of production chain promotion and putting the customer’s needs in advance. In other words, the association was established with the major goal of introducing and developing the polyurethane industry and we are highly proud to announce that we have joined the association since then.

The activity of Imen Polymer Chemie Co. had been started since 1994 and nowadays, the company is feeding the market with more than 150 diverse products in various fields of polyurethane.


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The polyurethane market, is very competitive like any other markets. Accordingly, there is always a need for production of high-quality products and a forbiddance of raw material import. Generally speaking, buying polyurethane formulations from abroad is not a suitable solution, because each region requires a specific one. Also, the season changing affects the formulations. Therefore, to grow the association and providing a better platform for them, alliance and solidarity of the members is of great importance.

To achieve the mentioned goal, dedicating a separated salon to the members of the association in Iran Plast exhibition, devoting a magazine about polyurethane news and establishing training seminars was done.


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